Wyatt Olivarez

First I want to say that this review is solely discussing the food we got tonight. The service from our server was excellent and performed the up most service.
So the past few times my family and I have gone the pizza is terrible. All we get is the classic cheese and its always under cooked, burned and etc. The layers seem to show that it was rushed putting on. Also with this current experience it took forever for the food (pizza and salad) to come out with literally 2 groups of people. I am very upset that my family and I are unable to get the food we have loved for ever.
Thanks to the young lady who severed my family she did wonderfully regardless of the food not coming out. She updated us and checked on us and apologized for the food not coming out.
I do look forward to hearing someone so that I can change this review back to 5 stars as it deserves.