Twitter’s Game-Changing Video & Audio Calls on Twitter Rollout!

audio calls on Twitter

Elon Musk announced on Thursday that users will soon be able to make video and audio calls on Twitter without having to share their phone number.

This is part of Musk’s plan to make X into an “everything app,” like WeChat. WeChat is a messaging service that also offers a variety of other features, such as social media, video games, and fintech.

So, What’s Next for X?

X CEO Linda Yaccarino has said that the platform will also include features like payments and banking. The new calling features are expected to be available “soon,” according to Musk.

You must be wondering by now, “so, what’s next for X?”. Read on to find out. Don’t forget to call Rooah! to help boost your presence online.

audio calls on Twitter

Elon’s Vision For Twitter

Elon Musk, never one to shy away from shaking things up, has taken the reins of Twitter (or should I say, “X”), and his vision for the platform is, well, expansive. In addition to making video and audio calls on Twitter, here are 5 notable things that are brewing:

1. Aiming for the Super-App Status

The aspiration is clear: Musk wants Twitter to be a one-stop-shop, much like Tencent’s WeChat. From payments to banking, the sky’s the limit. X’s CEO, Linda Yaccarino, echoes this sentiment, indicating that the platform is looking to embed features that span beyond mere social media interactions. Making video and audio calls on Twitter is only one piece of Elon’s puzzle.

2. Make Video and Audio Calls on Twitter

That’s right! Musk has announced that users will soon be able to make video and audio calls on Twitter. What’s cool about this? You won’t have to share your phone number. A nod to privacy, this is set to make connecting on the platform even more seamless. While Musk has kept the exact timeline under wraps, the anticipation is palpable.

Coming soon will be voice and video chat from your handle to anyone on this platform, so you can talk to people anywhere in the world without giving them your phone number,” Musk said.

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3. Strengthened Privacy with Encrypted DMs

Musk’s emphasis goes beyond making video and audio calls on Twitter. He’s also big on user privacy. The announcement of “encrypted DMs V1.0” is a significant leap in that direction. His commitment? “I couldn’t see your DMs even if there was a gun to my head.” Now, that’s some assurance!

audio calls on Twitter

4. A Drive for Trust (& A Dig At WhatsApp)

Notably, Musk threw some shade at WhatsApp, questioning its trustworthiness. This followed a user’s claim of the app accessing the microphone as he slept. Musk responded: “WhatsApp cannot be trusted.” 

WhatsApp explained the issue as an Android bug, but the message from Musk was clear: Twitter is on a mission to establish unwavering trust and ease of use. And enabling video and audio calls on Twitter is a huge step in that direction.

5. Inactive Account Purge

Inactive accounts are on the chopping block. Twitter’s aim? Freeing up dormant usernames. The estimated number is staggering, with 1.5 billion accounts set to be purged. And for those worried about losing content from these accounts, Musk assures that the content “will be archived“.

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Recent Features and Tweaks

The evolution isn’t just about new announcements and making audio calls on Twitter. Over the past months, Twitter has been busy. Here are 3 most recent features on X:

1. Paid Blue Tick:

Want that coveted blue checkmark? It comes at a price of $8 per month. However, after some missteps with fake accounts, the feature saw a brief pause and later a relaunch.

2. The Edit Button:

It’s finally here! Well, almost. Twitter started testing this long-requested feature in September 2022. It promises users a 30-minute window to edit tweets post-publication.

3. Twitter Circle:

A feature that allows users to curate a select audience of up to 150 people for their tweets, reminiscent of Instagram’s ‘Close Friends’ function.

audio calls on Twitter

Twitter 2.0: The Everything App

The platform’s ambition doesn’t stop. Musk envisions a Twitter where long-form tweets, diverse payment methods, and fortified direct messages are the norms. The forthcoming version promises the ability to make video and audio calls on Twitter. As well as a revamped DM experience, letting users reply to any message in a thread and react with a wider range of emojis.

Final Thoughts

With the 11th spot in Forbes’ top global apps with maximum monthly users in 2022, Twitter, under Musk’s leadership, is in a prime position to redefine its narrative. The features, both existing and upcoming, align with the vision of a holistic, trustworthy platform that serves varied user needs.

It’s a waiting game now. How these changes will impact user experience and platform dynamics remains to be seen. While we certainly welcome the idea of making video and audio calls on Twitter without having to share your phone number, one thing is sure: the Twitter evolution has started, and it’s nothing short of exciting!

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