Nasara BostMoney

1st time there it was ok. They have 3 bartenders and it was very hard getting a drink. The bar was not over crowded. But I didn’t see anyone with a specific end of the bar that probably would have worked better if they all had an area of the bar. My drink was super strong and only 5 bucks. They have a pool table. They have a few tables. They have happy hour from 4pm to 7pm. The Dj was great. They do have a dance floor. They have food. That took a long time. First you have to order at a window which is fine but I still had to pay the bartender and had to follow her back to the bar to get my credit card. Would of been easier just to order from the bar. The cook wasn’t so pleasant. The bartenders were nice but hard to grab. Found parking in the front.