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1. Social Media Management

When we say “social media management” at Rooah, we’re talking about looking after all the different social media pages for your business. It’s kind of like being the friendly face of your business on sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. 

In more tangible terms, Rooah’s social media management means creating engaging content for your business’s social media pages, responding to comments or messages from followers, analyzing your audience’s engagement, and adjusting strategies as needed. It’s about fostering a digital community around your brand and leveraging that community to promote growth and loyalty. All this work aims to boost your business’s online presence and, ultimately, improve your bottom line.  

Our goal is to make more people know about your business and love what you do, all through your social media. 

2. Managing various platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter, creating a content calendar, and regular audience engagement  

At Rooah, we take the complexity out of social media management by handling various platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter for you. This means that we handle everything from setting up and optimizing your accounts to creating and posting content on these platforms. 

Creating a content calendar is part of this service, where we strategically plan out your posts in advance. This ensures a consistent flow of content that aligns with your business goals and keeps your audience engaged.  

Regular audience engagement involves interacting with your followers by responding to their comments and messages, and monitoring and engaging in relevant discussions. This helps in building strong relationships with your audience, improving your online reputation and boosting brand loyalty. It’s like having a dedicated team connecting and interacting with your customers online, so you can focus on running your business. 

3. Content Marketing Strategy Development 

At Rooah, “Content Marketing Strategy Development” is about crafting a plan to communicate with your audience effectively and engagingly. We help you build a bridge between your business and your customers using high-quality, relevant content. 

We start by understanding your business, your goals, and your audience. With this foundation, we plan what content to create, when to share it, and on what platforms. The content could be blog posts, social media updates, videos, or more, designed to resonate with your audience and encourage them to interact with your brand. 

In a nutshell, our role is to develop a strategic approach to content creation, aimed at attracting, engaging, and retaining your customers. All while promoting your brand and increasing your online visibility. 

4. Comprehensive content strategy that aligns with your marketing goals

At Rooah, a “comprehensive content strategy that aligns with your marketing goals” simply means we create a well-planned approach to your online content, ensuring it supports your business aims. 

First, we dive into understanding what you want to achieve – whether that’s boosting your online presence, increasing sales, or building customer loyalty. These are your marketing goals. 

Then, we map out a content strategy that directly supports these goals. This strategy covers what kind of content to create (like blog posts, social media updates, or product descriptions), how often to publish it, and where to share it. Most importantly, it ensures your content speaks directly to your customers, attracting them to your business and encouraging them to take the action you want 

5. Facebook Ad Campaign Management

Facebook Ad Campaign Management is a service offered by Rooah to help businesses reach their target audience efficiently. This involves creating, managing, and optimizing your Facebook advertisements to achieve the best possible results.  

Rooah’s team makes and takes care of your Facebook ads to get the best results. They create catchy ads, find the right people to show the ads to, and keep an eye on how well the ads are doing. If an ad isn’t doing as well as it could, they make changes to it. This way, you can focus on your business while Rooah handles your Facebook ads.

6. Creating and managing ad campaigns tailored to your target market. (Excludes ad spend)

“Creating and managing ad campaigns tailored to your target market” is a service offered by Rooah to help businesses reach their potential customers more effectively. In simple terms, it means designing advertising strategies that speak directly to the people most likely to be interested in your products or services. 

The “Excludes ad spend” part refers to the budget needed to run these advertisements on various platforms like Google, Facebook, or Instagram. This cost is separate from the service provided by Rooah, which focuses on the creative and strategic management of the ad campaigns. In essence, Rooah takes care of creating the ads and deciding where and when they should run for the best results, but the actual cost of placing these ads on digital platforms is borne by the client. 

7. Comprehensive training program covering the basics of Facebook Ads

 At Rooah, we offer a Comprehensive Training Program that simplifies Facebook Ads for you. The program is designed to guide you through the essentials of how Facebook Ads work and how you can leverage them for your business. 

We break down the complex elements of Facebook Ads into bite-sized, understandable modules. This includes understanding your target audience, setting up your first ad campaign, optimizing your ads for best results, and analyzing your ad performance. With us, you’ll learn how to make the most out of your advertising budget and drive more engagement to your business. 

This program is straightforward, making it suitable for beginners and those wanting to enhance their existing knowledge. We focus on practical and effective strategies, ensuring that you’ll leave the program with a strong foundation in Facebook Ads.   

8. Facebook Page Management 

 “Facebook Page Management” is a service offered by Rooah, aimed at helping businesses optimize their presence on the popular social media platform, Facebook.  

In simple terms, this involves setting up and maintaining a business’ Facebook page, regularly posting engaging content, responding to customer comments and messages, and monitoring the page’s performance through analytics. The goal is to increase the business’s visibility, engage with its audience, and ultimately, drive more business.  

This service can be a game-changer for businesses, allowing them to focus on their core operations while Rooah takes care of their online presence, fostering a strong connection with their audience on Facebook. 

9. Content Creation for Facebook

Content Creation for Facebook is a service provided by Rooah, focused on crafting engaging and relevant content specifically for your business’s Facebook page. This involves writing posts, creating graphics, and curating other types of content that align with your brand, spark interest, and engage your followers. 

In the context of what Rooah offers, this means our team works to understand your business, your audience, and your goals. We then create tailor-made content that resonates with your audience and encourages interaction. From informative posts to captivating images and videos, we aim to enhance your online presence, drive more traffic to your website, and ultimately increase your sales. Our main goal is to help your business flourish on Facebook. 

10. Unique and engaging content designed specifically for Facebook, including posts, graphics, and short videos

 Rooah offers a service to create unique and engaging content for your Facebook presence. This means we tailor-make posts, graphics, and short videos that stand out from the crowd and resonate specifically with your target audience. The content is not generic or repurposed; it’s designed uniquely for your brand to help you connect effectively and engage with your Facebook followers. 

Creating engaging content goes beyond simply drafting a post or creating a graphic. It involves understanding your brand’s voice, objectives, and your audience’s interests. We produce posts that spark conversations, graphics that visually represent your message, and short videos that tell your story in a compelling way. The goal is to capture attention, promote interaction, and increase your brand’s visibility on Facebook. This approach is crucial in the increasingly competitive social media landscape. 

11. Expanded SEO Services

“Expanded SEO Services” offered by Rooah refers to a comprehensive suite of strategies designed to enhance a website’s visibility on search engines, thus driving more traffic and potential customers. This is a step beyond basic SEO and encompasses a wider range of techniques. 

These services help your website show up when people search for things related to what you offer. They also make sure your website works well, loads quickly, and looks good on all devices. This way, more people can find your site, enjoy using it, and potentially become your customers. Essentially, it’s Rooah’s full-package deal to make your website the best it can be online. 

12. Comprehensive SEO optimization, including keyword research, on-page SEO, and backlink strategy

At Rooah, we focus on “Comprehensive SEO Optimization” to help boost your business’s online presence. This approach breaks down into three core elements: keyword research, on-page SEO, and a backlink strategy. 

Keyword research”: We figure out the words people use when they look for the services or products you offer online. This way, your business shows up when they search those words. 

 “On-page SEO”: We tweak stuff on your website like text and images to make them easier for search engines like Google to understand. This helps your website appear higher in search results. 

“Backlink strategy”: We help other reputable websites link back to your site. This tells search engines your website can be trusted, so they rank it higher. 

13. Regular Performance Reporting

“Regular Performance Reporting” is a service provided by Rooah where they continually track and analyze the effectiveness of your website or digital campaign. It’s like a health check-up for your online presence to ensure everything is working optimally. 

They review key metrics such as visitor numbers, page views, and conversion rates, then compile this data into an easy-to-understand report. This report is regularly delivered to you, providing valuable insights into your website’s performance.   

In simple terms, Regular Performance Reporting is the process of keeping you informed about how your website is doing, what’s working well, and what areas might need improvement. It’s a crucial tool for making data-driven decisions to help your online presence thrive.   

14. Monthly or quarterly reports outlining key metrics and growth

“Monthly or quarterly reports outlining key metrics and growth” is a service provided by Rooah where they deliver regular summaries of important data related to your business. These reports are generated either every month or every quarter, depending on the agreement. 

In these reports, key metrics like website traffic, customer engagement, online sales, and other indicators of online business performance are detailed. By tracking these metrics over time, you can see how your business is growing, where improvements can be made, and where your efforts are paying off. It’s a clear and simple way to understand the impact of your online presence on your business’s success. 

15. Regular reports analyzing the performance of your Facebook page and ad campaigns 

Rooah’s “regular reports” are like a report card for your Facebook page and ads. They tell you how well you’re doing. These reports show how many people view your content (reach), how much they interact with it (engagement), and if they’re completing desired actions, like purchasing your product (conversions). 

These reports help you identify what’s effective and what’s not. They enable you to make informed decisions to improve the outcomes of your Facebook activities. In short, these reports provide insight into whether your Facebook efforts are successful and guide you on how to improve. 

16. Online business listings

Online business listings are essentially an online version of your business’s name, address, and phone number, comparable to listings in a phone book. They can also include additional details like your website address, business description, operating hours, and customer reviews. These listings are displayed on various online platforms such as Google My Business, Yelp, or local business directories.  

For Rooah’s clients, having an online business listing means your business can be found more easily by potential customers. When your business’s details are correctly and consistently listed on multiple online platforms, it increases your visibility, boosts your search engine rankings, and makes it easier for customers to interact with you. By helping you manage these listings, Rooah ensures that your business information is accurate, updated, and optimized for the best possible online visibility. 

17. Submissions to 150+ local business directories 

“Submissions to 150+ local business directories” is a service that Rooah offers to help businesses increase their online presence and visibility. Here’s a simple explanation: 

When a business is listed on a local business directory, it means their name, address, phone number, and other details are publicly available on that site. These directories are like the Yellow Pages of the internet. They are websites or platforms where users go to find local businesses in a specific area or industry. 

What Rooah does is submit your business information to over 150 of these directories. This improves the likelihood that your business will appear in search results when potential customers are looking for services or products you offer. It’s an efficient way to boost your online visibility and reach more customers.   

18. Online Reputation Management

Online Reputation Management (ORM) is about making sure your business looks good online. When people search for your business on the internet, ORM helps them find positive information about you. We keep an eye on what people say about your business, reply to their comments, and make sure all your online information is correct and updated 

When someone leaves a positive review, Rooah helps to make it more visible or promotes it, so that it can influence more people positively towards your business. However, if a negative review appears, Rooah steps in to address it. This means they help you respond to the criticism in a way that can turn the situation around, making your business look good even in the face of negative feedback. In short, Rooah acts as your online reputation manager, ensuring that your business maintains a positive image in the digital world.     

19. Managed web hosting 

Managed web hosting, as offered by Rooah, is a service that takes care of all your website-related tasks so you can focus on what you do best – running your business. Think of it as having a dedicated team of IT experts on call, handling everything from server maintenance, security updates, to routine website backups.  

In a nutshell, with Rooah’s managed web hosting, you get a worry-free web experience. You get the peace of mind that your website is always up and running efficiently, leaving you free to focus on your core business tasks. It’s like having your own personal team of web experts, without the hassle and cost of managing them. 

20. Website management and support

This refers to the ongoing services that ensure your website runs smoothly, stays updated, and continues to serve its purpose effectively. At Rooah, we specialize in offering these services.   

Think of it as having a team of digital caretakers for your website. We handle everything from regular updates, security checks, and bug fixes, to improving site performance and adding new features as needed. It’s our job to take care of the technical aspects so you can focus on what you do best – running your business.  

In essence, our Website Management and Support services aim to make your online presence worry-free, ensuring your website always remains an effective tool for your business. 

21. Software updates 

This refers to the process of making changes, improvements, or fixes to a software product after its initial release. For a business like Rooah that offers website development and digital solutions, software updates can refer to updates made to the website’s underlying code, plugins, or other integral parts to improve its functionality, security, or usability. 

These updates are essential to keep your website running smoothly, protect it from potential security threats, and ensure it continues to deliver a great user experience. 

22. Website Design & Development  

These are tweaks, improvements, or fixes made to a program or application to keep it running optimally. Just like a car needs servicing to keep it in top shape, software needs updates to maintain its performance, security, and compatibility with other technologies.   

At Rooah, we provide software updates for websites and applications we build. This means we regularly check and update your software to ensure it’s running smoothly, safely, and efficiently. These updates help your website or app stay current, secure, and user-friendly, offering the best experience to your customers.   

23. Basic SEO optimization

This is a service that Rooah offers to improve the visibility of your website on search engines like Google. In simple terms, it’s like fine-tuning your website so that when people search for topics related to your business, your website is more likely to show up in the search results. 

The process involves strategically using keywords in your website content, optimizing website speed, and ensuring your site is mobile-friendly among other things. All these efforts are aimed at making your website more attractive to search engines and more accessible to users. So, in essence, “Basic SEO optimization” is about increasing your online presence to reach more potential customers. 

24. Mobile Responsiveness

This refers to how a website looks and functions on mobile devices, like smartphones and tablets. The goal is for the site to adjust, or ‘respond’, to the screen it’s being viewed on, ensuring an easy and enjoyable user experience. 

At Rooah, we ensure that all our websites are mobile responsive. This means no matter what device your customers use, your website will be easy to navigate and user-friendly. Whether it’s a desktop computer, a tablet, or a phone, your website will always look and function perfectly. 

25. E-commerce/Online Store setup

This is a service that Rooah provides to businesses wanting to sell their goods or services on the internet. It’s like building a virtual shop where customers can view items, select what they want, and pay online. 

Rooah handles the tech side of this, creating a simple and secure website for your business. This means you can focus on your business while reaching more customers anytime, anywhere. It’s a step into the digital world, enabling your shop to be open around the clock.  

26. CRM – Manage your customers online

CRM, or Customer Relationship Management, is like your digital helper for managing customer relationships at Rooah. It’s an online tool that organizes all your customer interactions in one place. 

Simply put, it keeps track of all your customer details and their history with your business. This helps you tailor your services to their needs, improving customer service and supporting your business growth. 

Rooah’s CRM service is like a personal assistant that helps you remember each customer’s preferences and interactions with your business. This not only improves your customer service but also aids in strategic decision-making for your business growth. 

27. Booking System, (appointment scheduler) sync calendar 

A “Booking System” or “Appointment Scheduler” offered by Rooah is a digital tool that helps manage reservations or appointments. It’s like a secretary on your website, enabling customers to schedule appointments directly there. 

This system also “syncs” with your calendar. In other words, if a client books an appointment on your site, that appointment automatically pops up on your personal calendar. This way, you won’t miss any appointments or double-book a slot. In short, it’s a time-saver and an organizer for both businesses and clients. 

28. Payment Gateway Integration   

This is a service that Rooah offers as part of its website development process. Simply put, it’s a way to process payments online securely on your website. 

Think of it like a digital cashier. When customers shop online and decide to make a purchase, the Payment Gateway takes their card details securely, checks if the funds are available, and then completes the transaction by transferring the funds from the customer’s account to the business’s account. 

In essence, by integrating a Payment Gateway into your website, Rooah makes it possible for your business to accept and handle payments online, making the shopping experience smooth and hassle-free for your customers. 

29. Job Board – List job openings and career opportunities

A “Job Board” offered by Rooah is an online platform where businesses can share job openings. It’s a virtual noticeboard where you can list the roles you need to fill and the skills needed for each. 

On the flip side, job seekers can use this board to find suitable job opportunities and apply directly. The Job Board makes the hiring process simple and organized, benefiting both employers and potential employees. 

30. Website Hosting 

Website hosting is like renting a space on the internet for your website to live. Just as you need a physical location to store and run a business, like a shop or an office, your website also needs a place to store its data and make it accessible to people online. That’s what website hosting does. 

Rooah offers this service, ensuring your website has its own secure space on the internet. They take care of all the complex technical aspects behind the scenes, so your website remains up and running smoothly. With Rooah’s website hosting, you can focus on what you do best – running your business, while they handle the rest. 

31. Support – only available on what’s already been provided 

This simply means that Rooah offers help and maintenance only for the products or services they have created and delivered to you.  

Think of it like a warranty for a new car: the dealer only offers free repairs for the car you bought from them, not for other cars. Similarly, Rooah only supports systems or websites they made, ensuring they give the best service on their own products. 

32. Website Ecommerce Store Management – add, remove, and update products

This is a service offered by Rooah that involves maintaining and updating your online shop. Think of it as a virtual store manager, making sure everything in your shop is in order and up to date.   

In more specific terms, “add, remove, and update products” means Rooah takes care of adding new products to your store, deleting obsolete items, and updating existing product details like descriptions, images, or prices. This way, your online store always remains fresh, relevant, and ready for customers.  

This service saves you time and effort, allowing you to focus on other important aspects of your business while ensuring that your online store operates smoothly and efficiently. 

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