Tom Wilkerson

Water line break between street and house. City turned off water the morning of July 3rd. Called several plumbing contractors..A couple said they were not able to help but three were willing to stop by and evaluate. Adam Pritchett from Messina stopped by within an hour of my call. He evaluated and was able to provide a written estimate within 45 minutes of his visit. To my astonishment his estimate included start and completion on the same day. He arrived with all required parts and proceeded to replace the main supply line to my house. He had to remove several shrubs and work around a fence but he accomplished the task in about 8 hours. I could not have been more pleased with the outcome. Only about 12 hours elapsed from the time the water was cut off until service was restored. I knew that the job would be relatively expensive, but I thought the cost was reasonable. My Fourth of July holiday was much better than I had anticipated as a result of Adam’s hard work. If all of the Messina employees do the same level of work, they should be in business for a long time. I was impressed!!