Robert Cruise

Stay away! First of all, Sports at the “beach” is actually about 40 minutes away from an actual beach. If you plan on actually going to the beach, you better hope for a better schedule than we had(1pm and 6pm) everyday,

They charge you $7 per person in a car daily(unless player or under 12). The facility is dirty. Trash cans are overloaded which leads to flies everywhere. Some of the batting cages are downright dangerous with holes in the l-screen and bottom netting. The umpires are brutal! Bunch of old men that hide out in the house until they feel like coming out. They let games go on in the lightning. We had one game where they cancelled due to lightning three times then decided to start the game when it was about 20 minutes to complete darkness so we lost the game after one inning because they consider that a game. On that note, THERE ARE NO LIGHTS on most of the 60/90 field.

The HiCast cameras do not always work. My family bought the weekly package and most days the field camera wasn’t available. If it was, it didn’t always have sound.

Be prepared for many planes flying over very low as there is a local airport nearby,

I could go on and on but I would never hope that our team goes back to this dump!