Morton Fox

Taco Bell was one of the staples of my college days. It was a place to grab a cheap eat when I ventured downtown. Fast forward two decades and the fast food chain has grown up a bit. Instead of whitewash and formica, the dining area decor has been updated in comfortable earth tones. Unfortunately, two decades of inflation has not been kind to their offerings. Prices have gone up and the fast food chain is now skimping on toppings and portion sizes. The Nachos Bell Grande I ordered is but a shell of its former self. On the plus side, Taco Bell now has more drink choices and more condiments. So innovation continues.

As far as this particular Taco Bell location goes, the employees are courteous. The dining area is comfortable and nicely air-conditioned for a hot summer day, but felt a bit small and cramped. The parking lot too is a bit tight and congested during the lunch rush, and hard to get in and out of because this Taco Bell is located in an island in the middle of Concord Pike. It’s a design decision that may have made sense back in the day but is rather questionable now that the road is a busy 3-lane highway.

So overall, it’s a mixed bag of an experience. I don’t think I’d be a regular customer here but it’s an option for when I’m tired of the other choices in the area.