Michele Pedicone

I heard about Brian and Quiet Elegance Bakery through our wedding planner, who said “Brian is the best” and she wasn’t kidding.

Our cake was perfect! I wanted a simple, butter cream cake with a few starfish and flowers. Brian perfected the look I wanted. He made it with a “combed” finish, which I wanted. So many of my guests came up to me to comment on how fresh, clean, and elegant my cake looked…not to mention the taste: We had a lemon chiffon cake for one of the layers and an amaretto cake with raspberry filling for the other two layers. The lemon was so surprising because it was light and almost refreshing.. not too lemon-y at all. The raspberry was just perfect! Brian let me try as much cake as I wanted until I landed on the right ones. He does not give you just a few little samples of cakes with small amounts of various fillings, like I often see… he gives you a full cake which you can specially ask for (which is nice because I had family and coworkers weigh in on my decision).

Brian makes amazing cakes, there is no doubt in my mind you’d be satisfied with his work. However, what is most striking about Brian is just how likable and genuine he is. He was such a pleasure to work with. When I first met with Brian, his larger than life, bubbly and warm personality immediately made me feel like he cared about me and I could trust him to make my wedding cake. He invited us to his home to pick up some sample cakes, and gave us his cell number to call him about which cakes we wanted. He even offered his advice (only when I asked for it). I trusted him completely and loved getting to work with him.

Overall, I’d have to say, if you’re getting married in the lower-Delaware area, and you don’t get Brian to make your cake, you’re making a mistake!