mansur hafiz

Ordered my firearm from grab a gun on Monday shipped it to Delfast because it was the closest dealer listed and I had plans to go target shooting Saturday morning. I called Friday while at work 1:20 to let him know my firearm will be arriving and to let me know when it arrive so I may pick it up on my lunch break. NEVER HAPPENED. I tracked my firearm around 6 pm and saw it was delivered at 1:50 pm 30min after I spoken with him. I than called him back with no answer, he than called me back around 8pm to tell me my firearm had arrived and that I could not pick it up Friday night nor Saturday because he made plans I than asked if I could come at the earliest time possible because I also had plans but he told me it won’t happen. So he said I can pick up my firearm today SUNDAY but even though I called I went straight to voicemail and haven’t received a phone call from him yet it’s 11:15am and I will never send my firearm to anyone besides a established gun dealer that is corporate. I’m pissed and Steven Roberts gave him 5 stars that’s bogus he is the guy on the voicemail smh.