Joyce McKenzie

Waited 5 days for a service call. Tech came, replaced a part on the exterior unit. Says he checked the system, but when I came home at 1:00, the AC was not on upstairs (he said because my windows were open). So…why didn’t he close the windows and run the AC?
At 3:00, I called the office. AC on for 2 hours. It was still 89 degrees upstairs. I was told that it could take several hours to come down to temp. They conveiniently closed at 4. Did I mention I paid the bill in full over the phone?
At 8:15, it was still 89 degrees upstairs. I called the emergency line 5 TIMES. Never got a return call from the tech. Tomorrow is the 4th of July. They are conveiniently closed until Monday.
It’s still 89 degrees upstairs. Thanks Steele’s!! This is what happens when you don’t do your job.